Part One – Historical Background Episodes

Historical Background – Introduction
Historical Background – Early America
Historical Background – The Seven Years War
Historical Background – Revolutionary Characters
Historical Background – Pre Revolution America
Historical Background – Hostilities Commence

Part Two – Learning to Fight

Learning to Fight – The Battle Of Canada

Episode 041 – Introduction – Recap
Episode 042 – Leveraging Ticonderoga
Episode 043 – Congress Wants Canada
Episode 044 – A Soldiers Life And Equipment
Episode 045 – Richard Montgomery’s Command
Episode 045A – On Location – Rhinebeck, NY — Tour Of Richard Montgomery Home
Episode 046 – The Siege Of St. Jean
Episode 046A – On Location – St. Jean, QE — Tour Of Fort St. Jean Site
Episode 046B – On Location – Chambly, QE — Tour Of Fort Champlain And Richelieu Rapids
Episode 047 – The Battles For Montreal
Episode 047A – On Location – Montreal, QE — Montreal Battle Sites Tour
Episode 048 – Benedict Arnold’s March To Quebec
Episode 048A – On Location – Augusta/Jackman, ME — Arnold Trail Tour
Episode 049 – The Battle For Quebec City
Episode 049A – On Location – Quebec City, QE — Quebec City Battlefield Tour
Episode 050 – American Defeat, Retreat And Disease

Learning to Fight – Building a New Government

Episode 051 – Revolutionary Summer
Episode 052 – Adams’ Thoughts On Government —
Episode 052A – On Location – Quincy, MA — John Adams Homestead Tour
Episode 053 – Action In Philadelphia – The Declaration
Episode 053A – On Location – Philadelphia, PA — Declaration Of Independence Tour
Episode 054 – NY’s New Constitution – White Plains Convention
Episode 054A – On Location – Katonah, NY — John Jay Homestead Tour
Episode 054B – On Location – White Plains, NY — White Plains Constitutional Convention Tour

Learning to Fight – Washington’s Painful Lessons

Episode 055 – Washington Occupies New York City
Episode 056 – The Battle Of Long Island
Episode 056A – On Location – Brooklyn, NY — Battle Of Long Island Battlefield Tour
Episode 057 – The Battle Of Kips Bay
Episode 057A – On Location – Manhattan, NY — Kip’s Bay Battlefield Tour
Episode 058 – The Battle Of Harlem Heights
Episode 058A – On Location – Manhattan, NY — Harlem Heights Battlefields Tour
Episode 059 – The Battle Of White Plains
Episode 059A – On Location – White Plains, NY — White Plains Battlefields Tour
Episode 060 – The Fall Of Forts Lee And Washington
Episode 061 – The British Occupy Of New York City
Episode 062 – Washington The Student Of Experience

Learning to Fight – Arnold’s Masterful Leadership

Episode 063 – Guy Carlton’s Advance
Episode 064 – Benedict Arnold’s Navy
Episode 064A – On Location – Whitehall, NY — US Navy Birthplace Museum Tour
Episode 065 – The Battle Of Valcour Island
Episode 065A – On Location – Valcour Island (Lake Champlain) — Valcour Island Battle Tour
Episode 066 – Carlton And Burgoyne Retreat

Learning to Fight – Washington’s Continentals

Episode 067 – Washington’s Retrograde
Episode 068 – Across The Delaware – Victory Or Death
Episode 068A – On Location – Washington Crossing, PA — Washington Crossing Site Tour
Episode 069 – The Battle Of Trenton
Episode 069A – On Location – Trenton, NJ — Trenton Battlefield Site Tour
Episode 070 – The Battle Of Princeton
Episode 070A – On Location – Princeton, NJ — Princeton Battlefield Site Tour
Episode 071 – Winter Quarters In Morristown

Learning to Fight – Prelude to the Wilderness War

Episode 72 – New Year’s at Schuyler Mansion
Episode 072A – On Location – Albany, NY — Schuyler Mansion Tour
Episode 073 – Mr. Burgoyne Goes to London
Episode 074 – William Howe and the General Wars
Episode 075 – The Battle Of Peekskill
Episode 075A – On Location – Peekskill, NY — Peekskill Battlefield Tour
Episode 076 – The Formidable William Tyron
Episode 077A – On Location – Ridgefield, CT — Ridgefield Battlefield Tour
Episode 077 – The Battle Of Ridgefield Connecticut
Episode 078 – The Return Of General Burgoyne

Learning to Fight – Statehood Advances

Episode 079 – Jay’s Masterpiece – the New York Constitution
Episode 080 – New York’s First Elections

Learning to Fight – Run Up to the Burgoyne Invasion

Episode 081 – The Fortification Of Ticonderoga
Episode 081A – On Location – Ticonderoga, NY — Ticonderoga Fortifications Tour
Episode 082 – The Staging At St John
Episode 083 – The Art Of The Quartermaster

Part Three – Freedom’s Gateway

Freedom’s Gateway – Burgoyne Moves South

Freedom’s Gateway – The Stall of Progress

Freedom’s Gateway – Events in New York

Freedom’s Gateway – The Western Theater Opens

Freedom’s Gateway – A Dynamic Time

Freedom’s Gateway – Saratoga Prepares for Conflict

Freedom’s Gateway – Saratoga Combat Begins

Freedom’s Gateway – The Hudson Highlands

Freedom’s Gateway – Back to Saratoga

Part Four – The Effect of Victory

The Effect of Victory – The War Continues
130 – A New National Government – Articles
130A – On Location – York, PA
US Capitol Site Tour
131 – Winter Quarters at Valley Forge
131A – On Location – Valley Forge, PA
Valley Forge Encampment Tour
132 – Franklin Makes France Step Up
133 – Von Steuben Transforms the Army
134 – John Cadwalader – Defeating the Coup
135 – France Signs Treaty of Alliance
136 – British Withdraw from Philadelphia
137 – Benedict Arnold Turns Traitor
137A – On Location – West Point, NY
West Point Site Tour
138 – The War Continues – Valley Forge to Yorktown
139 – Yorktown – The Final Battle
139A – On Location – Yorktown, VA
Yorktown Battlefield Site Tour
The Effect of Victory – Finding A Peace
140 – Negotiating A Peace
141 – The Newburgh Address
141A – On Location – Newburgh, NY
Washington’s Headquarters Site Tour
142 – Farewell to Comrades in Arms
142A – On Location – New York, NY
Fraunces Tavern Site Tour
143 – Washington Surrenders His Commission
143A – On Location – Annapolis, MD
Maryland Statehouse Tour
143B – On Location – Mt. Vernon, VA
George Washington Homestead Tour
The Effect of Victory – A New Nation
144 – A New Nation – Maybe
145 – Shay’s Rebellion
145A – On Location – Springfield, MA
Springfield Armory Site Tour
146 – Convincing George Washington
147 – The Constitutional Convention
147A – On Location – Philadelphia, PA
The Constitutional Convention Tour
146 – Ratification
147 – The First National Elections
148 – Return to New York
148A – On Location – Manhattan, NY
Federal Hall Tour
149 – The State Upon Which to Build an Empire
149A – On Location – Albany, NY
New York State Capitol Tour
The Present Day – Discussion
150 – The Future of Freedom

Part Five – Biography Characters

Biography Characters – American – Political
B001. John Adams
Member, Continental Congress
B002. Benjamin Franklin
American Statesman and Diplomat
B003. John Hancock
President, Continental Congress
B004. John Jay
Attorney – Drafter – NYS Constitution
B005. Robert R. Livingston
Delegate – NYS Constitution Convention
B006. Gouverneur Morris
Delegate – NYS Constitution Convention
B007. Jane McCrea
Victim of Indian Atrocities
B008. Thomas Jefferson
Drafter – Declaration of Independence
Biography Characters – American – Military
B009. Alexander Hamilton
Aid to Gen Washington, Son in Law Gen Schuyler
B010. Ethan Allen – Brigadier General
First Commander of the Green Mountain Boys
B011. Benedict Arnold – Major General, CA
Northern Department, Wing Commander
B012. John Caldwalader – Brigadier General, CA
Commander Light Brigade, NJ Campaign
B013. George Clinton – Brigadier General
First Governor of New York
B014. James Clinton – Colonial
Gen Clinton’s Brother, Commander Fort Clinton
B015. Henry Dearborn – Major, CA
Regimental Commander at Saratoga
B016. Ebenezer Francis – Colonel, 11th Mass Regiment
Commander, Battle of Hubbardton
B017. Peter Gansevoort – Brigadier General, CA
Commander of Fort Stanwix
B018. Horatio Gates – Major General, CA
2nd Commander of the Northern Department
B019. John Glover – Brigadier General, CA
Marine Transport Specialist, Brigade Cmdr
B020. Nathan Hale – Colonel, 2nd New Hampshire
Regimental Commander, Battle of Hubbardton
B021. Nicholas Herkimer – Brigadier General
Tryon County Militia, Commander at Oriskany
B022. Henry Knox – Brigadier General, CA
Commander of Artillery – Continental Army
B023. Andrew Thaddeus Kosciuszko – Colonel, CA
Military Engineer/Architect – Continental Army
B024. Ebenezer Learned – Brigadier General, CA
Brigade Commander at Saratoga
B025. Charles Lee – Major General, CA
Court Marshaled by George Washington
B026. Benjamin Lincoln – Major General, CA
Northern Department, Wing Commander
B027. Henry Brockholst Livingston – Lt. Col, CA
Staff Officer to Gen Schuyler and Gen Gates
B028. James Livingston – Colonial, CA
Regimental Commander Saratoga/Ft. Stanwix
Biography Characters – American – Military
B029. Alexander McDougall – Brigadier General, CA
Regimental Commander at Saratoga
B030. Richard Montgomery – Major General, CA
Deputy Commander of Northern Department
B031. Daniel Morgan – Colonial (Brigadier Gen), CA
Commander Colonial Rifle Company
B032. Timothy Murphy – Colonial, CA
Sharpshooter – Morgan’s Rifle Company
B033. John Nixon – Brigadier General, CA
Brigade Commander at Saratoga
B034. John Paterson – Brigadier General, CA
Brigade Commander at Saratoga
B035. Enoch Poor – Brigadier General, CA
Brigade Commander at Saratoga
B036. Israel Putnam – Brigadier General, CA
Commander, Bunker Hill and Hudson Highlands
B037. Philip Schuyler – Major General, CA
First Commander of the Northern Department
B038. Arthur St. Clair – Major General, CA
Commander of American Forces at Ticonderoga
B039. John Stark – Brigadier General, NH State Militia
Commander, Bunker Hill and Bennington
B040. John Sullivan – Brigadier General, CA
Commander, Battle of Long Island
B041. Abraham Ten Broeck – Brigadier Gen, NY Militia
Brigade Commander, Battle of Saratoga
B042. Jonathan Warner – Brigadier General , CA
Brigade Commander, Battle of Saratoga
B043. Seth Warner – Brigadier General – VT Militia
2nd Commander of the Green Mountain Boys
B044. George Washington – Commanding General, CA
Pres Constitutional Convention, 1st US President
B045. “Mad” Anthony Wayne – Brigadier General, CA
Commander, Quebec, Pennsylvania, Yorktown
B046. William Whipple – Brigadier General, NH Militia
Brigade Commander, Battle of Saratoga
Biography Characters – British – Political
B047. George William Frederick (George III)
King of England
B048. Lord Fredrick North, MP (Whig) Prime Minister
Earl of Guilford, Chancellor of the Exchequer
B049. Lord George (Sackville) Germain
Secretary of State for the American Colonies
B050. John Montagu – First Lord of the Admiralty
4th Earl of Sandwich, Sec of State Northern Dept
B051. Charles James Fox – MP (Whig)
Opponent of Revolutionary War
B052. William Tryon – Lieutenant General
Royal Colonial Governor of New York
Biography Characters – British – Military
B053. John Dyke Acland – Major
Commander of the Grenadiers
B054. Lady Harriet Acland – Wife of John Acland
Nobel Woman, Nurse, Diarist
B055. Friedrich Baum – Lt. Colonel – Dragoons
German Commander, Battle of Bennington
B056. Joseph Brant – Native American Leader
Commander Oriskany and St. Ledger Campaign
B057. Edward Braddock – Major General
French & Indian War – Monongahela Campaign
B058. John Burgoyne – Lieutenant General
Commander of Upstate New York Forces
B059. John Butler – Lt Colonel, Loyalist Militia
Commander of Butler’s Rangers – Upstate NY
B060. John Campbell – Brigadier General
Commander – Hudson Highlands Campaign
B061. Guy Carleton – Major General
Military Governor of Quebec
B062. Henry Clinton – General
Commander of British Forces – New York City
B063. Luc de la Corne – French Canadian
Indian Commander / Native Language Interpreter
B064. Charles Cornwallis – Lieutenant General
Staff Officer to William Howe in New York City
B065. William Erskine – Brigadier General
Commander 80th Foot Connecticut Campaign
B066. Alexander Fraser – Captain
Commander Select Marksmen Saratoga Campaign
B067. Simon Fraser – Brigadier General
Commander Advance Forces Burgoyne Invasion
B068. Thomas Gage – Major General
Commander of British Forces in America – Boston
B069. James Inglis Hamilton – Brigadier General
Commander Center Forces Burgoyne Invasion
B070. Richard Howe – Admiral
Chief of North American Naval Forces
B071. William Howe – Major General
Commander in Chief of North America Forces
B072. Guy Johnson – Colonel – NY Loyalist Militia
Upstate / Central New York
B073. Sir William Johnson – Major General
Superintendent of Indian Affairs
B074. David Jones – Lieutenant
Simon Frasier’s Staff, Jane McCrea’s Finance
B075. Roger Lamb – Sergeant
Burgoyne’s Upstate New York Campaign
B076. Alexander Lindsay, Earl of Balcarres, Major
Commander Light Infantry, Burgoyne Campaign
B077. William Phillips – Major General
Artillery Commander Burgoyne Campaign
B078. Henry Watson Powell – Brigadier General
Commander Burgoyne Campaign
B079. Philip Skene – Colonial, Loyalist Militia
Commander Burgoyne Campaign
Biography Characters – British – Military
B080. Johann Specht – Brigadier General
Commander Burgoyne Campaign
B081. Barry St. Leger – Brigadier General
Commander Mohawk Valley Forces
B082. Heinrich Von Breymann – Brunswick Lt. Colonel
Commander Burgoyne Campaign
B083. Friedrich Adolph Von Riedesel – General
German Force Commander Burgoyne Campaign
B084. Frederika Charlotte Von Reidesel
Wife of German Force Commander
B085. James Wolfe – Major General
French and Indian War – Conqueror of Canada